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Gulf Oil make shock return to F1 with McLaren Racing

McLaren Racing are set to announce a new partnership with iconic oil brand Gulf, under Gulf Oil International Ltd, for the current 2020 Formula 1 season, Decalspotters understands.

Rooted in the discovery of Texan oil in 1901, Gulf’s current presence is felt in more than 110 countries worldwide, having petrol stations in over 20 countries and a thriving global marine business.

Gulf are no strangers to Motorsports nor Formula 1, the brand has found great success with high profile sponsorship campaigns since the ’60s, having won numerous sportscars championships and Le Mans along the decades.

During the late ’60s and early ’70s, McLaren were supplied by Gulf and were part of the first teams to have technical partners stickered on the car. Gulf’s logo was usually next to the front suspensions.

However, Gulf’s last endeavour in Formula 1 was with wildcard Scuderia Rondini Gulf, running a Tyrrell 007 monocoque, before focusing solely on sportscars and endurance racing.

In August 2019, Gulf terminated a title partnership with endurance racing team Gulf Racing in a brand strategy shake-up, which aligned the oil brand to world-renowned sports teams like Aprilia Racing and Manchester United.

McLaren’s Zak Brown, CEO, and Lando Norris, Formula 1 driver, were found today at a filming session at a Gulf station in Aldershot, which is the closest station to the team’s headquarters in Woking.

Alongside them was Mike Jones, Gulf Oil International UK Ltd CEO, speaking on behalf of the British squad’s new sponsorship signing.

The now-global lubricants and fuel retailer’s distinctive orange disc will feature on the MCL35’s engine cover as soon as the next Grand Prix in Silverstone.

An official announcement from McLaren Racing is expected to drop as soon as Friday.

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