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McLaren Racing extend multi-year Mazak partnership

McLaren Racing today announced a multi-year extension to its partnership with Yamazaki Mazak, the Formula 1 team’s Official Supplier of CNC machine tools.

Yamazaki Mazak has been a partner of the team since 1999 and will continue to provide and maintain 36 machines at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, UK as well as providing vital in-house engineering support infrastructure.

McLaren and Mazak had last renewed in 2018 as they celebrated their 25th anniversary as partners, on a 2-year deal.

“It is fantastic to see Mazak, who has been part of our technical partner family for 21 years, extend its relationship with McLaren and continue to support our Formula 1 operations. In our sport, upgrades to the car need to be produced and delivered efficiently and to an exceptionally high standard and we thank Mazak for continuing to help us do this.”

Piers Thynne, Production Director, McLaren Racing

“Formula 1 is one of the most demanding and unpredictable sports in the world and, from an engineering perspective, there is no other environment like it. The pressure on a team’s machine shop to quickly produce precision parts that can stand up to the rigours of a race weekend is colossal. The fact that McLaren Racing has continued to exclusively use Mazak machine tools for a 21st consecutive year is an accolade of which the company is both humbled, and proud.”

Richard Smith, European Group Managing Director for Yamazaki Mazak

Source: McLaren Racing

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